I'm Ashley; just a wife and mom who likes to write and document, photo and capture. Imperfectly I strive to cultivate a warm and memorable family culture within the walls of our home so that one day our children will go out bravely and make their own small mark on the world. This online place is a collection of those things that I want to tuck away forever so as not to forget. And you're welcome to drop in from time to time. 

Ashley, Joel, and the growing brave boys.

I hope what you'll find in this space is a reflection of my heart for family and home. I aim to create a peaceful space with my ideas without the fuss of overstimulation that tends to make other mothers feel as though they're lacking.

I am passionate about my career choice as a homeschool mom and homemaking wife. And I'm fully convinced that it's a worthy calling. Maybe you feel the same. If so, let's be friends. If not, let's still be friends.

(Read more about the story behind Brave Grown Home and @growingbrave here.)

I'm a Jesus follower and Word seeker. A homeschooler and home lover. I'm trying my best to live slowly with intention in a fast paced world. And our family is trying to keep our little lights ablaze to glorify the Author of these stories.

This is my record of our brave grown home.