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Math has not come easy for everyone in our house, but after throwing many textbooks aside, we spent a year doing free worksheets from Math Salamanders.  However, we did find hope in math textbooks again through Teaching Textbooks. We will be picking our books and CDs back up for next year.


Language Arts


For Languages Arts we are still testing the waters. We used worksheets at one point that my oldest hated. This year we tried Simply Charlotte Mason's Using Language Well and Spelling Wisdom. I really love both of these but would like to try the Brave Writer program next year because it incorporates lessons with the books you are reading, a practice I'm sure will work well for our family.



We have found great success in reading using the Explode the Code Program. We have never had to go further than book 3, but I'm sure the later books in the program are just as wonderful.


Early Handwriting


In a house full of boys, writing is a least loved subject. But to learn the mechanics we began with the first book of Handwriting Without Tears in Kindergarten and switched to A Reason for Handwriting in later years.