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History was never my strong suit. The dates in the dry and boring text book with the stiff spine always did elude me. But now, as I expose my children to history, it has come alive in the pages of real and living books. These are those books we've read or will read in our homeschool as our children are immersed in history through the use of excellent literature. They are divided below into sections of lighter reading or advanced reading based on how they are read in our home and to make sifting through them a little easier for you. For each topic we cover I choose books to read together and books for each boy to read individually based on their reading level. However, depending on your families needs and preferences, these books could be used for any age.

Check back often, as I'll be updating this list as we grow our library. 

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Ancient History- Lighter Reading


Ancient History-Advanced or Together Reading

Early American History- Lighter Reading

Early American History- Advanced or Together Reading

American Expansion History- Lighter Reading

American Expansion History- Advanced or Together Reading