The Ground Given Me

Every now and then I feel as though I'm being crushed beneath all the things I try to be and do. Too busy, spread thin, lacking substance, little use. A great signifier that I've stepped outside my bounds after pulling resources from my own dry well. That place where resources end and good intentions run cold.

You know those intentions, don't you? I feel them especially strong this time of year as a new school year approaches and I begin to plan for the upcoming year. I love to see how other moms do things, how they make their homes and homeschools "work." But sometimes as I search or peek into the lives of others, I begin to feel that emptiness creep up around the edges of my mind, because comparison is a thief and I'm giving it too much ground. 

It's in these times I have to remember to stop. To lift my head and really



and breathe in

the life that's been given to me. I'm gently reminded that I have a greater Resource to pull from. A Spring that never runs dry.

He does not expect me to give what I don't have. And He has given me all that I need.

We aren't meant to do all things and be all things. Instead we're meant to cultivate what belongs to us. 

I'm Ashley. The mom created for these four boys and the wife created for this one Joel. It's not my job to search needlessly for the holes in our home and family culture, trying to stuff them full of fluff that doesn't belong, because that list would never end and fluff never holds anyway. Instead, it's my job to be sensitively aware of all the strengths we do have and learn how to nurture and cultivate the foundations we've built thus far.

That's the true beauty of sharing our lives with others and taking on this role of motherhood and even homeschooling. The building brick by brick. The learning step by step. As we see the beauty of another family's life in passing, let's rejoice for their strengths as we move forward in sharpening our own, journeying alongside the family given to us as we learn the best ways to help them learn and grow.