How I Use My Homeschool Planner

I'm so grateful to those of you who have purchased my homeschool planner. A couple days ago I posted another IG story about how I use each page because I was getting questions about some of them. I'm attaching that here for your reference so that you can use it as you fill in your planner this year.

BUT FIRST... I want to make a side note that I feel can't be said enough... your plan and your planner should serve YOU, not the other way around. In my video I went to great lengths to fill in many boxes in order to answer questions the best I could. Had I not been making the video, I wouldn't have had as much of it filled out. 

I do map out our year ahead of time as a guide to follow. I choose all the books I would like for us to read and make a big list. Then I break up that list into bite size pieces that I can spread over the year. I do NOT plan out page by page, chapter by chapter. I would go crazy! I simply decide based on each boy's skill level what I think he can handle in the span of a term (which, in our case is 6 weeks.) We also NEVER read every book I choose every year. There are always some that get put aside for various reasons... more easy or difficult than we thought, not as great as we'd hoped... you get the idea. My point is, just because I've mapped out a great plan doesn't mean we follow it to a T. Our homeschool plan is very organic and changes throughout the year, but I try to return to that spine I pieced together at the beginning of the year when we start getting a little off track.

ALSO... You don't have to fill in your planner the way I do. You can fill it out one term at a time, one book at a time... whatever works for YOU! You also don't have to use every page! Print the pages you think will work for your planning style and the needs of your children.

Please, please, please don't be overwhelmed because of how extensively I've filled out my planner. My hope is that your year will be relaxed and enjoyable, not overwhelming because some crazy lady filled out all the boxes in her planner and you feel like you need to too! 

I hope your planners serve you well in the year ahead! Here's to a great year for all of us!