The Homeschool community is all abuzz with inspiration for daily morning time and we try to incorporate the habit here as well. It's how we try to start our day and where we fit in the bits and bobs of learning that otherwise get lost in the shuffle of working through those big important subjects. Morning time is all incorporating; everyone is involved (even the littles for as long as they can stand it.) The books we use are listed below, but first a few video resources we have found to be useful in our morning times:

Check back often, as I'll be updating this list as we move forward in our studies. 

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Bible and Character




Other Occasional Fun


Video Resources


Below are some video resources we have found to be educational in our morning times. We don't use YouTube all the time but when we do these are our go-to channels:

FreeSchool- topics galore, but we listen most to the classical music radio playlist.

Listener Kids- fun and upbeat versions of children's christian songs

StoryBots- learning with songs that aren't cheesy; for the littlest guys.

Sick Science!- all kinds of science experiments.

Popular Mechanics for Kids- A favorite at our house to find out how things work; this playlist includes the complete series.

SciShow Kids- great compilation of science topics for elementary.

Math Antics- visual learning for mathematical concepts; very well put together videos.

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.- really neat cooking channel with early american recipes; performed in fashion that fits the era.

Crash Course- lessons in quick time that run the gamut; includes science, history, and math but also things like philosophy, games, government, etc. (great videos but occasional crude language).

Crash Course Kids- Kid friendly crash courses that answer all kinds of questions; excellent video production quality.

Art for Kids Hub- very popular art lessons channel; mostly drawing.

Kids Make:- videos for makers, STEAM ideas