Considered the heart of Naples, Old Naples is a residential gem and one of the most stunning communities in the area. Buying a home in Old Naples puts you at the centre of endless beach fun, with easy access to Naples Beach and Naples Pier, modern amenities, and old-world charm. But these perks will mean very little if you move into a house with serious electrical problems. As you house-hunt in Old Naples, here are five signs of electrical issues you should look out for.

Flickering Lights

You will likely visit active listings and homes for sale in Old Naples during the day, but you can still turn on the lights. You should. Turn on the lights in every room and wait to see if they flicker. A flicker in one room could mean a simple fixture problem. However, flickering lights across the house could indicate a problem with the utility drop or breaker box.

Hot Outlets

Electrical appliances generate heat as they operate. However, at no point should an outlet feel hot to the touch. Even dimmer switches that can sometimes get warm because they dissipate excess energy should always be comfortable. Excess heat, and sometimes even warmth, could be a sign of conduction problems or poor wiring.  

Smell of Burning Wires

Sometimes, electrical components get hot enough to burn. You will usually be alerted to this through a burning smell in the house. We are all familiar with the smell of burning wires – like rubber – which is a warning sign that you must take immediate action. Search for the source of the problem and determine whether it is one fixture, multiple fixtures, or the breaker box.

Rodent Nesting Material

Nesting material or rodent droppings around your electrical wiring and appliances signal more than a rodent problem. They could also mean mice have gotten into your wiring and chewed through some wires. If you touch a bare wire, you could easily get electrocuted. This is why you should always take signs of rodent nesting as a signal to call the inspector. 

Messy Wiring

Although tangled wires and well-laid wires may work, extremely messy or disorganised wiring can be a sign of a rushed job. It could also point to poorly done electrical work, which could come back to haunt you after you move into the house. The best way to address this is to hire an inspector to thoroughly inspect the work and ensure everything is where it should be.

Explore Homes for Sale in Old Naples with Andrew Arreola

The town’s long history means many Old Naples real estate market homes are often older and may require some repair. However, you can avoid adding electrical maintenance to the cost of living in Old Naples by hiring a professional agent to help you purchase your new home. Andrew has lived in Naples for over three decades and is familiar with all the neighbourhoods, homes, and warning signs of trouble. He can help you schedule inspections and negotiate a good deal. Call his office today to get started.