Learning that headbanging isn’t just related to rock music might surprise you. Hiring professionals for pest control and Termites Cedar Rapids are also very handy! Conventional wisdom is that termites make noise when they disturb their colony by banging their heads against walls and shaking their bodies.

You may encounter this if trying to treat the infection problem at home. In these situations, taking the appropriate measures for anti-termite treatment is important. To get rid of termites, also known as wood furniture termites, read this step-by-step guide to termite remedies.

1. Remove Moisture:

Humidity is one of the main factors that attract termites and other pests to your home. Removing excess moisture from your home will help keep termites away. Buying a dehumidifier can be beneficial if you live in a humid climate. In the summer, you can run the air conditioner intermittently throughout the day to keep the house cool and remove excess moisture.

2. Fix the Leak:

Be aware of any leaks or drops in your home. Termites thrive in damp, decaying structures, such as walls and ceilings. Repair and seal any leaks immediately and inspect your home regularly, paying particular attention to basements or dark areas. These places should be addressed and are the first to attract pests. Because it’s lower to the ground and more accessible to termites, a leak into a basement can be especially tempting.

3. Clean Your House:

Even if you’ve hired professionals to spruce up your home for bedbugs or termites, it’s important to tidy it up. Pay particular attention to discarded paper, cardboard, old magazines, and newspapers, as these materials are ideal habitats for pests like termites. Be sure not to move furniture or other objects from a room infested with termites to an area of your home not infested with termites.


Termites can harm your home very much. Stopping and preventing them is very important. In the above article, we have mentioned some of the best tips to control and call experts to control services, including Termites in Cedar Rapids. So whether it’s home, office or warehouse, assistance from professional pest control will give peace of mind, healthy property and easy control of pests.