Tiny parasites can live in and around your bedding material. They stay alive by the warmth you provide and also, disgustingly, by the nourishment your blood provides. They will make tiny bites into your skin and feast. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Bed bugs can happen to anyone. Even if you keep the cleanest of homes they can make their way in. This is because they hitch rides on people, their clothing and even in suitcases. They can be picked up from staying at hotels, bed and breakfasts or any one of your friends or relatives’ houses.

Recently, we spoke to a specialist from Pest Control in Melbourne, FL and he said: “many times the signs have been there for a while but people ten to ignore them. Then the problem gets worse and suddenly it hits them one day that “I’ve got bed bugs!”.

Signs You Have Bed Bugs

  1. Itchy All the Time – Do you find yourself scratching and itching all night? This can be a sign that you have bed bugs.

  2. Red Bumps – The bites these bugs leave behind are often tiny red sores that itch.

  3. Tiny Spots on Your Sheets – These bugs will often transfer some of your blood from the bite to the sheets, leaving very tiny spots.

  4. Musty Smell – These tiny parasites give off a musty smell from the pheromones they emit. It can even be slightly sweet smelling.

What You Can Do About Bed Bugs

  1. Call a Pest Control Specialist – Why mess around with goofy home remedies and potentially harmful poisons? A professional can visit your home and tell you exactly what is going on and hot to eliminate the problem.

  2. Replace Your Bedding and Wash All Clothing in Hot Water – This can be much more expensive and time consuming than hiring a pest control specialist. Your mattress is not cheap and they are dug deep in there.

The best thing you can do is not freak out. Realize that these things happen and are a part of life. Don’t blame a person for bringing them in. It can literally happen to anyone. Stay calm and approach the situation logically. Seek outside professional help. Services are very affordable pretty much anywhere in the country. You will be glad you handled it like a professional when the problem is all taken care of.