The Kobelco excavator is one of the biggest names in the industry, and with good reason. As a brand, Kobelco maintains a focus on manufacturing strong and reliable excavators that make a huge difference to the owners and operators. They are built with a wide range of applications in mind; features that are designed to improve the efficiency of each task and project and to maximise the optimal efficiency of each operator. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of a Kobelco excavator.

Kobelco has the reputation as a brand that manufactures excavators that offer real value to owners, that are strong and maintain a consistent reliability that help any company to remain productive and efficient over a long period of time, no matter the type of site that they are working on. The whole idea behind Kobelco excavators is that they are designed to provide a much better quality of application for the operator and the efficiency of the project in tandem. The safety standards are high and come as standard, including such things as swing flashers, top window guards, and FOPS. 

Features and benefits of Kobelco machines

There are a few things that are standard on Kobelco machines that make them such a trusted brand. This includes the inclusion of swing flashers as standard. This is a feature that allows people to work safely around the machine, having the ability to see when and where the operator is swinging and when they need to stand clear. It defines where a machine is and when the counterweight is approaching from the rear when working in low light or dark conditions.

Boom regeneration pushes oil from the boom cylinders to the arm cylinder when arming out and lowers the boom for digging into the ground. This allows for a faster cycle time and for a lower fuel burn. Independent travel is a feature that allows for the movement of the machine on site whilst lifting the boom and arm in a safe, controlled manner. These are all features that provide the benefit of higher standards of both productivity and high safety levels, both crucial components of any modern site. 

SK500LC-10 Review

To look at a specific Kobelco excavator that could make a significant difference to your company and site, the giant of the generation 10 excavators from Kobelco is the SK500LC-10. This is the best example of a modern excavator that provides power, safety, whilst also providing exceptional green credentials in an age where all industry is looking to decrease the carbon footprint of each project and site and reach for net zero emissions in the coming years.

This 50-tonne excavator is ideal for moving earth in a construction setting and is designed to produce low emissions whilst increasing working performance.  It has great levels of strength and power, a fantastic fuel efficiency process, minimal future carbon footprint, and high durability for long-term and consistent performance.

As you can see, there is a wide range of benefits to purchasing a Kobelco excavator, for a wide range of businesses working within myriad industries and sectors. Once you understand the power and efficiency that this type of excavator brings to your company and project, the next step is to find a company with a good reputation that you can trust. That way, you can purchase an excavator in confidence that you are buying the latest, safest, and most efficient model and that you’ll have the best chance to maximise output in a cost-effective and efficient way.