The firefighting water mist system is commonly used to protect sensitive equipment or environments that need protection with minimal damage. Systems that work through water mist (water mist) use pressurized water and specific sprinklers to dispense the liquid as small drops. What sets water mist apart from traditional sprinkler or spray systems is the size of the water droplets.

For a system to be considered water mist, it needs to have droplets smaller than 1,000 microns; as a reference, we have the most traditional sprinkler systems that produce droplets around 5,000 microns. Smaller droplets translate to an increase in the number of droplets that can be dispersed. The more numerous the water droplets, the greater the surface area of ​​the water exposed to heat; the more droplets will evaporate and turn into steam, absorbing more heat.

Main Advantages Of The Water Mist System.

Water mist systems has a great advantage over a conventional sprinkler system in that the mist can penetrate everywhere and thus cool and extinguish flames very efficiently. The advantage of these smaller droplets is that they create a larger water surface and can therefore form a larger surface area to transport heat. Fine mist also has a slower settling velocity and can engulf the object in flames. It can often even reach hidden sources of fire that cannot be reached with hose jets, for example.

Its action allows more heat to be extracted from the source of the fire, and the cooling effect has a very positive direct impact on the ambient temperature. The water mist also helps in controlling smoke and soot particles.

Main Areas And Uses For The Suppression Water Mist System.

Water mist suppression systems are highly effective for specific applications such as industrial installations, sensitive electronic equipment, and electrical power generation. Water mist works best in these applications because water is safer than other extinguishing agents, and how it is delivered (as a mist) can protect sensitive equipment that would otherwise be damaged by water from a system. Traditional sprinkler.

Efficiency and cost reduction

Water mist systems can also reduce costs when compared to systems with chemical agents. Used to fight fires fueled by flammable liquids, dry chemical systems can be difficult to clean and can damage electronic equipment.

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