The popularity of natural fiber jute carpets is increasing rapidly because these are renewable resources and give a unique and attractive look. It gives the perfect look to your home and full fill all your dreams. In this blog, we have collected lots of knowledge about jute carpet which you desire to know.

All about jute

Jute is a natural organic plant, its stalk can be spun into strong coarse threads, these threads are woven with some other materials like wool, synthetic fibers, or cotton and corporate with jute carpets. Because Jute is considered a cheaper fiber plant and it also produces vegetable-like raw jute which is also known as golden fiber because of its color. The ideal areas where jute rapidly grows are monsoon areas. The jute plant has vital material inside it like linoleum, making of twine, clothing, and papers, in most areas of Africa and other countries jute is used for cooking purposes.

Advantages of Jute carpets

Jute is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly options in natural carpets. Jute is famous because it can rapidly grow and requires fertilizer and pesticides in small quantities less than cotton.

Colors of Jute carpet

Jute carpets are available in white, beige, and cheesy colors but now most industrialists are painting them in different colors. The color of the Dye in the jute remains the same. It has never been faded or rough because of the Jute’s excellent grip, although jute is now dying in so many colors it gives an aesthetic look in brown, beige, and creamy or cheesy.

 Environment friendly

Jute carpets are ideal for all type of weather or environment. It provides you warmth in the winter season and gives Cooling temperature in summer because Jute fibers capture the atmospheric effect as compared to sisal or sea grass because they cannot absorb UV rays in high amount.


Jute carpet fulfills all your needs at Less expense. These carpets are budget friendly and provide an ultra-luxurious look to your home. So, people of all classes easily buy jute carpets, and You can easily install these carpets in the drawing room, and bedroom as well, avoid placing them in heavy traffic areas like the living lounge, etc.

The durability of Jute carpet

Jute carpets are relatively durable and an all-time favorite. They can be blended with some other fabrics such as cotton, synthetic fiber, or wool. The durability of Jute carpets is long-lasting. Because of low thermal conductivity, it can bear low to medium traffic, so it can easily spend 10 years with you.

Maintenance of Jute carpet

Jute carpets are not easy to clean as compared to some other simple carpets they can hide dirt beneath them which causes skin allergies or respiratory infections because fibers are tough and require special time for cleaning purposes so daily vacuuming is suggested for this purpose or you can use a wet mop on it to make it clean and dirt free. Be careful about spilling tea, and sauces on the jute carpet. If it happens accidentally hen gently rub or use a light wet piece of cloth to make it stain-free.