Linen curtains can be favored in a fairly easy and candid manner. The term voile is French for “veil.” These curtains can be prepared of cotton, cotton blend, linen, silk, polyester, or any material that produces a sheer or semi-sheer curtain. The different types of material prescribe how the curtains must be cared for.

Cleaning voile curtains that are ready of natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, are usually more candid than cleaning curtains made of manmade fibers. Curtains made of natural fibers can either be washed at home or dry-cleaned. If you wash your curtains yourself, you should choose your washing machine’s most elusive setting, or you should wash them by hand and permit them to hang dry. If you must put them in your dryer, which is usually not suggested, turn the setting to low, and remove them formerly they are fully dry. The curtains can now be carefully steamed, if needed, on the appropriate heat setting.

Voile curtains made of mixtures and manmade fibers may require different care. Most artificial textiles will require dry cleaning, although some can be splashed by hand, in which case you should wash them in cool water and hang them to dry. The manufacturer should state the washing orders clearly on the label.

Once you have made or purchased and washed them, hanging voile curtains is essentially no different from hanging other curtains. It is possibly easier because they are almost always more frothy, so you have more options and greater flexibility in the type of hardware you can use to suspend the curtains. They’re also easier to lift into place because of their lightweight.

Cleaning voile curtains is not a threatening process. They can be cured in much the same way you treat any of your curtains.

Can You Wash Voile Curtains?

The material they’re made from will govern how you can clean your voile curtains. If they’re made of natural fabrics such as linen or cotton, you may be capable to wash them on the subtle cycle in your washing machine. They can also be hand-washed. In either case, you should drape them to dry. If they wrinkle, you could use an iron and ironing sheet on a very low setting or a hand-held steamer as they suspend.

If your voile curtains are silk, you’d be better off laundry them by hand, washing them thoroughly, gently soaking out as much water as you can, and hanging them to dry. You can take silk voile curtains to the dry cleaner.

For any extra material, you should take your voile curtains to the dry cleaner, because even hand washing could cause unexpected problems. It’s better to let the professionals handle your gentle voile curtains.

How to Wash Voile Curtains in Washing Machine?

Always use the delicate cycle, if you’re set on washing your voile curtains in the washing machine. Don’t try to push too many panels in at once. It’s better to give your curtains room to move around during the gentle agitation of the tub of the washer. Use a detergent intended to be gentle on the fabric.

You can add your favorite fabric softener to the bleach cycle. You can also add two tablespoons of white vinegar to the dye to make your curtains extra soft.

Don’t practice chlorine bleach. It can damage the material of your voile curtains. Use OxiClean to brighten up. You could also try a color-safe bleach. Use a slow spin cycle to help avoid creases in your curtains. Instead, you can remove them before the spin cycle and mildly squeeze the water out of them

Always hang voile curtain them to dry.