Every bookworm will know the value of having a cosy space within which to read. In addition to being free from potential distractions, reading nooks offer the comfort required for consuming books over long periods of time, as well as generally being designed with an aesthetic that immerses those who enter the space in a realm of literary style. Such a room supports the joy of reading as much as it does the act of reading.

For those homeowners who want to create such a space, there are a number of considerations that involve practical and aesthetic design. Comfortable furniture alone will not support a long-term reading habit as well as an entire space designed to nurture literary enthusiasm. To show you how, here are four ways to create the ultimate reading nook at home.

Secret Spaces

Reading a book helps to remove one’s attention from the world. Stories draw readers in, allowing them to forget their worries and lives for a brief and often exciting moment. If distractions occur, however, whether in the form of noise or conversation, this joy is interrupted. As such, an ideal reading space is one kept secret.

Some book nooks, for example, are hidden beneath stairs or obscured behind fake bookshelves. The efforts to create such a space can be great but the reward is worthwhile since readers will be able to revel in their written worlds without distraction.

Literary Aesthetics

Whether you want to be immersed in the stylings of dark academia, a popular interior design aesthetic that has been celebrated on social media, or simply surrounded by a pile of beautiful books, considering a reading nook’s aesthetic is important. Having a healthy degree of surface space is good for planting books and cups of coffee, while room for blankets and pillows is also worthwhile for those long stints of reading, allowing individuals to adjust their position and keep warm throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Reading nooks will also benefit from houseplants and paintings too.


Reading within suitable lighting can be incredibly strenuous on the eyes, which is why some people struggle to read for long periods of time. As such, an ideal reading space should have considered and suitable lighting.

Natural light is an ideal source of illumination for readers, which is why natural settings are a brilliant environment for reading nooks. Log cabins, for example, that can be constructed in a garden space can allow readers a private room to cosy up and all the natural light they could want.

Room With A View

Alongside a wonderful and literary aesthetic, a room can also benefit from having a wonderful view. Garden cabins are effective for this reason, as are rooms that overlook greenery and beautiful cityscapes. Before you get to creating your reading space, it is worthwhile considering exactly what view you will have to gaze out upon as it may make a significant difference to your enjoyment.