The house we live in must be taken excellent care of; otherwise, the walls or ceilings can lose their color or form cracks on their surface. So to maintain that, you need to apply suitable plaster, which can be called skim coat ( กิ โค้ , which is the term in Thai). Now this coat will help you to keep your walls in good condition and give an aesthetic look to your interior.

Why Do The Cracks Happen?

Now it has been noticed that cracks can happen for various reasons:

  • Damp on the wall
  • Using low-quality plaster or cement.
  • The walls are old enough
  • Repairing was not done for a long time.

How Can It Be Resolved?

If there is a crack outside, then the rainwater will seep slowly inside the crack, causing moisture that will damage the wall. So If you notice a hairline crack on your wall, it’s best to consult the expert first and fix it immediately. They will first examine the wall and remove all the loose paint or debris, then apply a few layers with the help of their advanced equipment, and at last, you will not feel any difference that your wall got a skim coat.

What Is The Process Of Applying The Coat?

Firstly, The expert will examine the wall to understand the severity of the damage.

Secondly, they will prepare the surface by clearing the paint and then apply the primer and keeping it to dry.

Thirdly, apply the skim coat over the primer by adding it to the cement

Lastly, after keeping it dry for 24 hours, apply sandpaper on the surface to make it smooth and shiny.

The professionals are well aware of the amount of the coat that needs to be mixed, as there must be an evenness while applying the mixture. It must not be too thin or thick so that professionals with proper equipment are needed.

Why Is This Coat Necessary?

Skim coat improves the appearance of the walls and the ceilings, and it appears to have a glossy look after applying paint. It can transform a rough surface into a smooth finish, resulting in high-quality results. The coat is a bit pricey, but the results are priceless for its versatility and durability. This can be applied to plastered walls,concrete, rough, or even wood.