A hybrid mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and support for many sleepers. These mattresses contain coils like an innerspring mattress along with foam layers like a memory foam or latex mattress. This combo allows you to get the bounce and airflow of coils with the body-contouring ability and motion isolation of foam.

Check online mattress retailers

Skip the showroom and check out some of the many online mattress companies that have recently emerged. By selling directly to consumers online, many of these retailers can offer hybrid mattresses at fractions of the prices from national chains. Companies offer hybrid mattresses that blend coils and foam for under $1,000 in a Queen size. Stick to the major mattress brands and you’ll generally pay a premium. There are lots of smaller manufacturers that make comparable hybrid mattresses for much less. Look around their reviews for lesser-known brands that earn high marks for their performance and value.

Take advantage of sales, coupons, and discounts

Timing your hybrid mattress purchase right can lead to major savings. Look for holiday weekends like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day which are prime times for mattress promotions. Sign up for email lists from manufacturers to receive notifications about upcoming sales or coupon offers. Discounts are often available to military members, students, teachers, first responders, and AARP members. Check if you qualify for any of these mattress discount programs before buying. Applying promo codes or stacking coupons on already marked-down clearance items adds up to huge savings. The mattresses getting shipped in a box to your door tend to be less expensive than ones sold primarily in stores. While boxed beds used to be considered questionable quality, many companies now make exceptional best hybrid mattress built to be compressed for shipping.

Choose a basic hybrid model

Mattress manufacturers today seem to be in an arms race to see who offers the most advanced technology and luxe features. All these special covers, proprietary foam blends, and layers just drive up costs that get passed onto consumers. Opting for a more basic hybrid model without all the bells and whistles is much kinder to your wallet. As long as it has supportive coils and some type of comfort foam layer, even a barebones hybrid mattress provides a comfortable and pressure-relieving sleep surface.

Consider a flippable hybrid design for added value

Some hybrid mattresses claim to be flippable, meaning you rotate from a softer side to a firmer side. Choosing one of these designs essentially gets you two firmness options for the price of one mattress. Those who change preferences or share the bed profit from the versatility. Flippable hybrids have coil cores edged in comfort layers of varying firmness levels. Changing surfaces seasonally or as needed makes a single mattress work for more people and sleeping positions. Added utility that enhances the value you get from the investment. Just a little bit of comparison shopping and focusing on the basics in materials and features goes a long way toward discovering budget savings.