Boucle is a wonderful fabric that adds a touch of comfort and elegance to any space it graces.Its yarn loops create an interesting texture full of personality and style, perfect for many home designs.

If you have recently bought a boucle modular sofa, you may be wondering how to style it. While you are tempted to go all out on decorating, making the fabric the central star is always best. 

From neutral linen cushions in Australia to mixed textures, below are some tips to bring out the sophistication in your boucle sofa:

  1. Neutral Palettes

Many boucle sofas come in soft colours like cream and oat. Additionally, it has a fascinating texture that stands out on its own.

When choosing a colour scheme for your boucle sofa, choose neutral tones like beige, light grey, or ivory. These hues allow the sofa’s distinct texture to become the focal point while maintaining its elegant appearance.

  1. Layer with Throws

If you wish to promote relaxation and comfort on your boucle sofa, we highly recommend drapingluxurious throw blankets over the back or arms. Not only do these soft layers add warmth, but they also create a visually inviting space.

Remember to keep the colours consistent and use neutral accents as much as possible.

  1. Accent Pillows

Pillows are the perfect addition to any sofa.

By placing accent pillows, you can add a touch of colour and pattern to your boucle sofa. Select pillows in complementary colours or with subtle patterns to enrich the aesthetic appeal of your sofa without overwhelming the boucle fabric’s texture.

  1. Combine Textures

We also recommend mixing and matching textures from other parts of the spaceto create visual interest and depth.Look around your living room and see what else you can add to complement your boucle sofa.

For example, add velvet or leather furniture and a plush area rug. You can also install textured wall art to balance the boucle fabric of your sofa.

  1. Natural Elements

Natural elements like potted plants, woven baskets, and wooden furniture can balance the boucle’s unique texture. These simple touches add an organic charm that can connect you with nature.

Elegant Boucle Furniture

Remember to keep the decorating minimalistic to ensure the boucle sofa’s distinct visual aesthetic is highlighted. Wherever you wish to put it, there is no doubt that boucle furniture contributes to the sophistication of any home.

If you want to purchase a fabulous boucle sofa for your home redecorating project in Australia, visit Urban Road today.