Cabinets are essential to any kitchen. Some might even say they establish the look of the entire room. Kitchen cabinets must be functional, durable, and aestheticallypleasing. Because of this, homeowners must determine which wood materials are for their intended use. 

There is a handful of wood materials to choose from. The most commonly used kitchen furniture are red oak, white oak, pine, cherry, maple, walnut, alder, and hickory. Each of these containsits own advantages and disadvantages. The unique qualities of various wood types can help in your decision making like considering painting cabinets vs refacing

Red Oak wood is a family of hardwood known for its incredible workability. It is easy to sand, stains well, and inexpensive. Red Oak offers buyers a distinct look with a broad grain pattern that is unique and natural to the wood. This pattern is further highlighted when stained. This is an excellent quality to consider if you are looking for a kitchen cabinet refacing Yorba Linda. Although, it does have a risk of becoming too dark when staining is done incorrectly. 

Often compared to White Oak, the Red Oak is perceived as a weaker alternative. It is less durable than the White Oak and much more susceptible to water damage. This is why it’s best used on appliances that expect minimal to no contact with liquids. 

Another from the Oak family, the White Oak is a hardwood distinct for its much lighter, golden tones. It is twice as durable as the Red Oak, with higher resistance to water damage and a longer life span. White Oak furniture also has a high collection value which means that it is more expensive than its family alternative. 

Much like other Oak materials, it can exhibit discoloration after a long time and risk being overly darkened when varnished incorrectly. The White Oak is also weak against high temperatures, causing its utmost surface to deteriorate. On top of that, it is easily damaged by collision because of its unique surface texture. 

To read more about the pros and cons of other wood materials, refer to this infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing. 

Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing