Almost everyone sooner or later faces a question related to real estate. It can be the sale of an apartment, the purchase of a house, the exchange of dachas, the purchase of a summer cottage, renting a house or commercial property. And then there is a dilemma – to solve this problem independently or to ask for help from a professional. You should understand that if you are going to do this on your own, you risk running into fraudsters. Using the trust of citizens, they bypass laws and deceive honest people. Both the sellers and the buyers can fall into the risk group. Only a real estate professional, a realtor can tell if you are a professional liar real estate blog.

What does a real estate agent do?

Duties of the real estate agent

What happens if you turn to a real estate agent? The main thing is that the client’s money will be safe, and the customer’s time is saved.

A real estate agent is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. He renders services in the process of conclusion of sale-purchase transactions, guaranteeing its safety on all legal issues, selects real estate objects on the market, based on the client’s preferences.

Real estate agent profession assumes constant monitoring of the real estate market in order to be able to have several offers at any request of a potential client.

What does a real estate agent do?

A real estate agent is commonly abbreviated as a realtor. A realtor is an entrepreneur or agent engaged in real estate transactions, an intermediary. In today’s legislation of the Russian Federation such a term does not exist. So a specialist in real estate is commonly called an agent.

Profession real estate agent assumes constant monitoring of the real estate market to have up to date information to be able to any request from a potential client to have a few options.

For the work done a real estate agent usually takes a percentage of the transaction, or it is a predetermined amount by agreement with the client.

Basically, the realtor’s salary refers to the piecework form of payment: the more successful bargains you make, the higher the remuneration. Even if you get a job in the agency as a hired employee, you should not count on a stable monthly salary and official registration. Only a small percentage of the huge number of companies can afford it.

Real estate agent and his responsibilities

Properly and timely performed tasks and responsibilities lead to success in any field of activity. Aside from performing your job, you need to be able to distribute your work time properly and plan your day. Divide tasks into priority and less important ones.

The main duties of a real estate agent include:

Analyzing and constantly updating the database, searching for new clients;

Researching the real estate market for supply and demand, as well as monitoring prices, breaking down properties into price segments;

Conducting business negotiations with potential clients, consulting by phone and in person;

Preparing contracts of sale, lease and other documents for registration;

Adding of new offers from clients to the database;

Presentation (showing) of properties to buyers or tenants;

Supervising of correctness of conclusion of contracts;

Selecting clients for ready lots;

Ensuring security of contracts and non-disclosure of terms of the transaction;

Acting as a representative of the client and acting solely within the scope of his/her interests;

Conduct advertising activities to attract customers: placing ads on the Internet, media, outdoor advertising;

Keeping reports required for work.

If there is enough experience, a realtor can lead several deals at once.

Naturally, the main activity of any successful real estate broker is to find potential clients. Assistants in this business are:

Bulletin boards, electronic in priority;

Counseling the public at no extra charge;

Using social networks on the subject, participation in forums;

Cooperation with a warm circle (family, friends, acquaintances).

Duties of a real estate agent

Duties and job descriptions of a real estate agent

Of course, an experienced real estate agent with experience has a huge baggage of necessary knowledge. A professional real estate agent can easily find any advice, has the latest information about the new buildings of the city, knows the laws and the rules of the contract, and advises how to avoid mistakes. Because of his inexperience, the young professional is not yet at the full information, which is vital in his work, so the quality level of cooperation is much lower.

The main requirements for the candidates for the real estate agent profession

The most important thing is the absence of educational requirements. A diploma, of course, will not prevent you from working, but the employer does not focus on it either.

The first thing that personnel managers pay attention to is the candidate’s personal qualities: