Every time you take your dog outside, it gives them multiple benefits, including exercise, and helps develop their bones and muscles. On the other hand, your dog might come into contact with ticks whenever you take them out. During play, these parasite insects can quickly attach to the skin or coat of your dog.

You must locate and kill ticks from your dog as soon as you can to protect them from any possible harm that these insects may do to their health. Ticks can cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and other problems if they stay on a dog’s body. In the case that a tick sucks enough blood, your dog may develop anemia. Contact Round Rock pest control, who are trained to treat tick infections.

How to remove ticks from your pet dog

You might not be able to avoid ticks if your dog has a vigorous outdoor lifestyle or if you live in a wooded region. Use these steps to help prevent ticks and the damage that they can do to you and your dog.

Learn to identify ticks.

Understanding what a tick looks like is essential before you can remove it. Fortunately, ticks have a number of distinct features that make them relatively simple to recognize.

Their head sizes are small, and their abdomens are enormous, giving them an oval shape overall. In total, there should be eight legs—four on each side of the upper body. Tick legs can have tiny claws on the ends and are often curved. There are no antennas on ticks. 

Look for ticks

After your dog has finished having fun, spend some time inspecting their body for ticks before you come inside. Before beginning your search, make sure your dog is in comfort, as the examination procedure can take several minutes.

Using your fingertips, gently move over your dog’s body, separating the hair to feel for skin problems. Ticks often hide themselves behind dense hair tufts or behind your dog’s features, so take your time looking for them.

Check for ticks in the following areas of your dog’s body: 

  • The ears’ outside and inside
  • Between each toe and on paw pads
  • Near the eyelids and around the tail
  • Around the neck and under the collar
  • Between and below each leg, near to the buttocks and abdomen 

Kill the tick

The simplest way to kill a tick is to drop it into alcohol. Before taking the tick out of the alcohol and properly disposing of it, wait till it has stopped moving.