A brick paver can be one of the most durable parts of a home. However, pavers need thorough maintenance to stay in perfect shape for decades. Repairing minor issues before they turn grave is also crucial. Top companies doing brick paver repair in The Woodlands charge reasonably. So, instead of relying on DIY repairs, one should opt for professional services when managing brick paver problems. The section below talks about the most common issues brick pavers have.

Stubborn Stains

Usually, washing the brick paver with a hose is enough to get rid of various unsightly stains it may have. To remove tougher stains, using solutions containing dishwashing soap and vinegar might become necessary. However, some blemishes and spots are difficult to remove with these techniques. The easiest way to prevent such stains is by sealing the paving stones. Sealing the pavers also makes washing away dust and dirt easier. For best results, reapplication of the sealer is necessary once every five years.

Chipped or Cracked Pavers

Seeking professional help is the only way to deal with chipped or cracked pavers. Cracking of pavers may indicate that it’s already time to replace them. The driveway or patio might lose its splendor if the issue is not addressed correctly.

Indeed, pavers are sturdy structures that are difficult to crack. However, certain situations can result in cracks and chips in these structures. For example, pavers can develop cracks if someone drops a heavy object on the bricks.

If the cracks remain untreated, water (rainwater or water from hoses used for cleaning) will build up underneath the pavers, and the damage will aggravate further.

Things will turn worse during the winter months. The stored water will freeze and increase in volume. It will end up making the cracks more profound and more noticeable.

Missing Pavers

Calling a professional for brick paver repair in The Woodlands is essential whenever there’s a paver missing from the patio or driveway. Avoiding the step can leave people using the area at risk of tripping and falling. Homeowners should be prompt to call the professional if they have elderly individuals and kids.

If the driveway or patio has just a few missing pavers in different areas, installing a replacement paver in each spot will be enough. However, it would be an excellent decision to do a complete paver replacement if too many pavers are missing.

Uneven Surface

Professionals always level the ground carefully before installing pavers. However, after a few years of use, the environment can shift, and the pavers might become uneven. If that happens, walking through driveways and patios can become risky.

Solving the problem involves a few simple steps. Professionals will remove pavers from the uneven areas and relevel the surface underneath. If there are too many rough areas, the repair workers will replace all the pavers. To prevent further occurrence of a similar situation, they would also fix the problem responsible for the unevenness of the ground underneath.


Prevention is always better than cure. Identifying minor issues with brick pavers becomes difficult for homeowners. Hiring a company doing brick paver repair in The Woodlands for inspection once every year can help to spot problems before they become too big.