The increased competition in the hospitality sector has raised the demand for amenities, decor, and spacious aesthetics. This is, of course, important to give your hotel or resort a unique look and a pleasurable experience for guests. In hotels and resorts, open spaces like a longue, pool, lawn, etc., are also loved by my guest to enjoy quality time as they are closest to nature & luxury.

Therefore, installing lush green grass is great; just next to making pleasurable surroundings in a hotel or resort space, go with the best SOD grass. Take help from expert SOD Farm in Arlington to have complete installation, care, and maintenance.

Read the reasons why your hospitality business needs SOD grass below.

  1. Less Maintenance: Okay! That’s very precise to know; SOD grass is low maintenance, which saves a lot of money. So whether it is a hotel, resort, commercial property, or residential, SOD is cost-effective grass. So won’t need to invest high in gardeners, equipment, fertilizers, chemicals, etc.
  2. Looks Beautiful: Of course, people stay in hotels and resorts for a peaceful and comfortable stay. Therefore lush green SOD will make it more calming and delightful for guests. Installation of quality grass gives the utmost aesthetic and pleasure.
  3. Non-Slippery: Grass around the swimming pool area, pavements, and lawn with slippery floor add grip. It makes the flooring more convenient and resistant to the slippery surface. Guests do enjoy barefoot feels while their stay in hotels and resorts, so SOD is great to make walking and standing safer. Even kids around can play without the risk of getting injured when they fall.
  4. Perfect For Pet-Friendly Hotels & Resorts: If guests can take pets into hotels & resorts, they obviously need to have grass. It gives pets like dogs and cats an area to play and stay active.

The Bottom Line:

Making the hotel & resort look amazing, natural, and delightful for guests goes with the installation of quality grass. Explore SOD Fram Arlington to install SOD grass in commercial or residential property. This looks decorative, sustainable, and easy to maintain grass. Give your space a defined aesthetic with natural SOD grass.