A mini excavator is a compact version of the traditional larger excavator. Mini excavator hire has become one of the integral parts of any construction site and project. Within construction, demolition, and other industries, there is a requirement for a solid relationship with plant lease companies that can furnish a business with mini excavator hire and other essential pieces of equipment and machinery. 

Tasks for mini excavators

Mini excavator hire is perfect for so many different tasks, including:

Reasons to choose a mini excavator

There are several reasons why a mini excavator is preferred to a traditional excavator. The primary reason is that it is much lighter in weight and smaller in size. What this means is that you can utilise the functionality of an excavator in a much smaller space than you can realistically achieve with a traditional-sized excavator. The compact size also reduces the effects of wear and tear on the ground it is working on. 

The versatility of a mini excavator makes it the perfect piece of machinery for a wide variety of tasks. Mini excavators are used to dig holes on construction sites, they are used to help clear snow from roads in heavy storms, or to help with small-scale demolition projects. A range of excavator attachments for hire adds to this flexibility and versatility, making mini excavator so desirable for many different companies and project types.

How to use a mini excavator

Your plant hire company will provide you with the latest model of mini excavator hire, training manuals, safety tips, and all the information your contractors need to perform tasks safely and effectively. Here, we look at a few tips on how to start using a mini excavator:

Lower the blade use the control lever to lower the blade until you reach a point where the machine is slightly tilted upwards.

Power with the throttleif you’ve never operated a mini excavator before it is best to use half power whilst getting used to the operating procedures.

Position for excavating Push the primary stick so that it extends outwards, and then use the bucket control to angle the bucket into the correct position. Lower the boom until the teeth of the bucket hits the ground and find the correct angle before proceeding.

Dig – Pull on the stick and the bucket will dig into the earth. Use the primary boom lever to maintain the grade. For a swing boom you can then swivel the boom to dump the dirt collected or turn the mini excavator around to leave the dirt in the correct dumping location on site.

Plant hire companies with a broad network for delivery and the experience to cover all scenarios are the best choice you can make when looking for a long-term relationship with a hire company. Mini excavators are needed on many different types of construction and demolition sites and projects. The best plant leasing companies are constantly upgrading their fleet of plant hire options, providing you with the latest technology, the highest standards of safety, and the most effective mini excavators for hire.