Downtown Austin is home to some of Austin’s best bars, restaurants, and shops. If you want to live in the city near shopping centers, Downtown Austin might be a great place to get a home. The city offers various activities, including vibrant nightlife, exploring the greenspaces, water sports, and much more.

Explore the Homes for Sale in Downtown Austin

More than 2 million people reside within the Austin city limits. If you buy a home in downtown Austin, you will join the vibrant community that accesses all the city offers. The downtown Austin real estate market is fast growing. Since 2000, more than 2,500 condominiums have been set up in the area. Close to 1,000 new condos are under construction, and the number can only go up from there. Buyers, therefore, have a lot of options when searching for a house to buy in the area.

Downtown Austin occupies about 640 acres. The grid pattern plan makes it look neatly organized whether you look at it from the ground or above. Over the years, the increasing number of condos has improved the skyline of the area. The area starts from Martin Luther King Boulevard to Lady Bird Lake. If you love condos, you will have several options. However, there are also single-family homes on the neighborhood’s north side.

For lovers of condors, you can go for small garden-style condos or luxury condo towers. The average condo is 1,500 square feet. Here, you can enjoy a sophisticated feel in an urban setting.

Explore the Neighborhood and its Amenities

Downtown Austin is great for dining and shopping, with more than 23 million visitors annually. As you enjoy the luxury condos and estates, the city offers several bars and eateries in walkable neighborhoods. Explore the fine galleries, music, art shops, and much more.

The city is alive with activities any day of the week. During the day, you can take walks in Zilker Park or along Lady Bird Lake. These two areas offer activities such as walking, biking, kayaking, and paddle boarding. The Zilker Metropolitan Park and the Zilker Botanical Garden are among other places residents enjoy.

The fabulous weather in Austin makes outdoor activities great. The city comes alive at night with music venues and restaurants opening their doors to the masses. In downtown Austin, you will have substantial retail within walking distance. Whether you need to buy beer or groceries or enjoy a quick bite, you only have to walk a few blocks from home.

Get a Home in Downtown Austin Today

There are so many homes for sale in Downtown Austin. Whether you want luxury homes in Downtown Austin, single-family homes, or simple garden-style condos, there is something for you. The Boutros Group can help you navigate the options you have in relation to your budget. Explore the styles of the condos, the sizes, the prices, and the location, and pick one that meets your needs. Contact the Boutros Group and take advantage of the current home prices – the prices will only go up from here.