Are you thinking about moving to Minneapolis? Linden Hills is a desirable neighborhood to call home. It sits between Lake Harriett and Bde Maka Ska, where residents can enjoy beach life. The luxurious homes and close-knit community present great appeal for outdoor lovers. Aspiring homeowners needing luxury shopping options and popular dining destinations will love Linden Hills. It offers a perfect blend of city conveniences and a laid-back life where privacy and safety are valued.

A Competitive Real Estate Market

Homes in Linden Hills sell fast – some above the asking price. The median price of homes in 2023 is about $710,000. However, that price changes spontaneously. You may find a good bungalow perfect for a small family at $500k and a house near the lake that sells for over $1.3 million. You will pay more if you need a house near the lake. Although the area is awash with single-family homes, townhouses and condos are starting to crop up, especially in neighborhoods near the lakes.

Classic Homes for Sale in Linden Hills

Most of the homes in the area are over 100 years old. You will come across several Victorian and Tudor-style homes – a design that is popular with homes built before 1939. You will also come across homes built in the 1940s and 1950s. These mid-century modern homes have changed the face of the area.

Several contemporary homes have come up, too. Between 2010 and 2019, about 261 new homes were constructed, further changing the area’s look.

A Walkable Community

Indian Hills is a walkable community. Schools are within the borders so that kids can start schooling at Lake Harriet Community School. Anthony Middle School is split into two campuses so younger learners have a school place. Southwest High School is another learning center – the school just received a major renovation in 2019.

There are plenty of amenities like shopping and dining centers, so residents never have to leave the area. The area is scenic, with walkable neighborhoods. The Linden Hills Farmers Market also opens on Sundays, where residents can shop for fresh foods. The beaches and the parks are great areas for family fun activities. Lake Harriet Bandshell Park and Thomas Beach are great places for outdoor lovers. The Chain of Lakes bike trail is another great place for people who love biking.

Access to Downtown

You can access Minneapolis and St. Paul cities from Linden Hills by train, metro, or car. The cities are a short distance, so weekday commuters will have an easy time getting to work. 

Like other areas in Southwest Minneapolis, Linden Hills is a safe neighborhood. There are community leaders who engage in projects that ensure the safety of residents. Neighborhood watch groups are always active to keep everyone safe.

Looking to Buy a Home in Linden Hills?

There are several homes for sale in Linden Hills, and Heather Zielinski can help you navigate the market. Heather understands the neighborhood and the market. Contact the company today and start exploring the many homes on the market today.