Boynton Beach is a charming coastal city between Boca Raton and Palm Beach on the southern Florida coast. Are you contemplating moving to Boynton Beach? With its stunning beaches, laid-back suburban atmosphere, affordable real estate, great dining options, and more, Boynton Beach is an excellent city for people seeking a fascinating coastal lifestyle. Here is a comprehensive overview of what makes Boynton Beach so unique. 

Amazing Food Scene

Situated along the east coast of Florida, Boynton Beach has a massive supply of some of the best seafood worldwide. The city has many restaurants specializing in seafood of all kinds and are affordable, making eating out very attractive. It’s not just seafood; here, you will satisfy all cravings from Mexican, Italian, Asian, Cuban, European, and Polish menus.

Phenomenal Weather

One of the best things about moving to Boynton Beach is the phenomenal weather for around ten months a year. This means you can enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, boating, biking, or golfing throughout the year. Boynton Beach has a comfort rating of 9.1/10 during winter, which is generally perfect. Young families and retirees alike love it here. 

Lower Cost of Living

Generally, living on Florida’s coast can be costly regardless of the town you go to. However, the cost of living index in Boynton Beach is just 10% above the national average. This is also the case with the cost of housing. This may not be great news, but Boynton Beach is more affordable than the nearby Miami. Also, the entire state of Florida has no state income taxes, which is a massive bonus and makes life relatively cheap.

Free, Long, and Gorgeous Beaches

As you would expect with a coastal city, Boynton Beach has some of the best scenic beaches in Florida. Unlike places such as New Jersey, where you pay for the beach, they are free to use in Boynton Beach and the entire state of Florida. Head to the nearby beach and enjoy swimming, basking, fishing, and other water sports available. Boynton Beach also offers free parking, although weekends fill up fast.

A Vibrant Nightlife

If you love spending your nights out with family and friends, Boynton Beach is a perfect destination. The nightlife along the Florida coast is vibrant, and Boynton Beach is no exception. Almost all bars and clubs in this city host live music performances that will keep you entertained throughout the night. You want to take advantage of this exciting adventure.

Highly Rated Public Schools

Good schools are vital when relocating with kids. The good news is that Boynton Beach boasts of some good schools. According to Niche, the Boynton Beach School System has a rating of B- which is good. However, there are several A+-rated schools in the city, such as the Sun Coast Community High School, which is ranked as the fifth-best public school in the whole state.  

Find A Boynton Beach Home with Rebecca Bruton

Ultimately, the superb weather, phenomenal beaches, and plenty of outdoor activities make Boynton Beach an excellent place to relocate. However, the cost of living is slightly higher, offsets some people. Still, if you can afford to live here, Boynton Beach FL real estate agent Rebecca Bruton can help you find a perfect home. Contact them today for more information.